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family discipleship

Many of us know that we should disciple our families but we really aren't sure where to start. This page is for you! Our FBC staff has created a Family Discipleship plan. Each month, we have selected a verse for your family to memorize and study together. Each week, one of our staff members has written a 15 minute lesson for your family to go over together at dinner, or in the car, or wherever you are! Additionally, we at FBC believe in the power of singing. That is why we have also created a memory verse song each month for your family to sing together and to aid in memorizing the Bible verse. Our hope is that every year, your family would memorize TWELVE Bible verses and be able to talk about them together and apply them to your life.

We also have some resources for continuing in your family discipleship beyond these once a week devotionals. Family discipleship is meant "to be in your heart. Repeat [it] to your children. Talk about [it] when you sit in your house and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up." 

(Deu 6:6-7 CSB)



Weekly family discipleship guide


Family moments and milestones

In our every day lives, there are moments which we can teach how to live as believers, even with our families. These "teachable moments" happen every day, and should be used to teach our families to be more like Christ. 

There are also milestones which we should celebrate. Whether it is a loved one who has gone on to be with the LORD, some kind of "rite of passage", a spiritual birthday, one-on-one time with parents or spouses, we should celebrate God's faithfulness, just like the Israelites were called to do in Joshua 4! 

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